​Gateway Strings Violin Shop

Gateway Strings Cello with Fusion bow and bag
Gateway Strings Cello 4/4 - 1/10 sizes available
Gateway Strings Viola Outfit with Toshira case and Fusion bow
Gateway Strings Viola 13" - 16 1/2" available
Gateway Strings Violin Outfit with Toshira case and Fusion bow
Gateway Strings Violin 1/16- 4/4 sizes available
Carrera e Fino Cello
Carrera e Fino Viola
Carrera e Fino Violin

Gateway Strings Violins, Violas and Cellos

Ideal for the beginning student. They are professionally set-up, with D'Addario strings, and a Wittner tailpiece.

These instruments are available to rent.

Violin sizes: 1/16-4/4

Viola: 13"-16 1/2"

Cello: 1/10-4/4

JonPaul Carrera e Fino

Available for violin, viola and cello.

These lightly antiqued instruments come with professional setup. These are perfect step-up instruments for the advancing player.

Violin sizes available: 4/4, 7/8, 3/4

Viola sizes available: 15"-16.5"  The 15 5/8" model is a good choice for players moving up from  a 14" viola. 

Cello sizes available: 4/4, 7/8

A violin handmade by Michael Kocher, owner of Gateway Strings Violin Shop. 

Gateway Strings offers a wide range of instruments, student level to professional.